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February 14, 2017
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Amidst World War II, Gaston Hochar Senior was headstrong and resilient enough to establish Chateau Musar winery in 1930. His son, Serge Hochar, later followed the same path and was named Decanter’s “Man of the Year”. He was named so due to his dedication to produce wines throughout Lebanon’s Civil War.

Here’s what he has to say about his winery in an exclusive interview:

Gaston Hochar

Gaston Hochar Jr. – Director, Owner of Chateau Musar.











What is the favorite part of your job or this winery?

The challenge of keeping the philosophy of Natural Wine making year after year.

When did you first become involved in wine?

In 1994, when I came back to the family business after having stayed abroad for 11 years.

From left to right: Ralph Hochar, Ronald Hochar, Serge Hochar ( 1939-2014), and Gaston Hochar Jr.

Other Passions?

My passion is Alpine Skiing.

Favorite grape and why?

A grape can give very different results depending on the terroir. It is therefore the combination of a grape and a terroir (a land, its micro-climate and a know-how) which can give extraordinary results. Our Cinsault and Carignan are very good examples.

What does your wine region bring to the character of its wines?

The climatic conditions of the Bekaa Valley are perfect to grow grapes where they can reach full maturity and therefore produce excellent wines.

The Bekaa Valley, where unique wines of Chateau Musar are created!

Other than your own, what are your favorite wine regions and why?

Some very specific Italian, Spanish, and French regions have very typical products which have a taste and identity of their own. 

Do you see any interesting trends happening in the world of wine?

The rose wine is a trend today. But in wine, you must never follow trends. By the time you are able to follow a trend, it can take years and the trend is over.  

Rainbow chain of Musar wine


Do you have a favorite recipe to share or food to pair with any of your wines?

I would go for one of the following:

  • A nice developed cheese or a tasty fish with an aged Chateau Musar White

  • A nicely cooked game with a 15-20 year old Chateau Musar Red. 




Thanks Gaston! Until next time everyone  🍷🍷








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