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February 14, 2017
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Atze’s Corner Winery

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“He picked up a snip at age 4 and he hasn’t looked back. Vines and wine are Andy’s passion. He has however added a new string to the Kalleske family bow, he now makes the wine rather than simply picks and sells the grapes. Andrew oversees the operations of Atze’s Corner Wines which he founded it in 2005. Not content to rest on his old Shiraz vines Andy has added some new varieties to the winery’s repertoire.”- Atze’s Corner 

Andrew was kind enough to indulge us in an interview.

Andy Kalleske

Andrew Kalleske

At a glance

Name : Andrew Kalleske

Position: Owner/ Founder

What is your favourite part of your job or this winery?

The people we have working for us and we meet when giving them wines to taste. Enjoy the stories and interaction in regards to the wine and vineyards.

When did you first become involved in wine?

As a child I grew up on my parent’s vineyard estate so have always been involved in the wine industry. I remember picking grapes before I’d started school so must have been around 5 years old so I guess that would be one of my first memories.. Oh and getting paid by one of our grape pickers to stop talking as apparently I used to talk too much!

Other passions – OR – What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume alone?

I actually have a love for iced coffee and pretty much know who makes the best ones in the area and also know which coffee beans I feel make the best iced coffee. Guatemalan dark roast!

Favourite grape and why?

Montepulciano – Its very well suited to our region, well balanced crop levels, loose bunches, retains it acidity amazingly in hot weather, excellent colour and bright blue fruit flavours.

What does your wine region bring to the character of its wines?

Richness and powerful fruit. The ancient soils (we’re lucky to have in the Barossa Valley!) ability to only allow small moisture access to the vines makes sure they can’t grow to vigorous yet they can still access enough moisture to maintain a healthy balanced canopy along with the long warm and sunny Mediterranean summers gives is the key to our wines.

Other than your own, what are you favourite wine regions and why?

Mendoza in Argentina, I love that they are in a rain shadow from the Andes Mountains yet get water flowing through the area from the melting snow from where they can draw water for irrigation. They seem like ideal conditions for growing full bodied red wine.

Do you see any interesting trends happening in the world of wine?

In Australia at least dry style Rose seems to be becoming very popular so that could be a growing trend here at least. Other than that it seems that there is a growing interest in alternate varietals that are well suited to the regions they grow.

Do you have a favorite recipe to share or food to pair with any of your wines?

Roast duck and our Durif wines. The fat seems to cut through the tannin and soften the wine beautifully! 



Thanks Andrew! Until next time everyone🍷🍷



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